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Motto: What question can I ask to get a great answer?

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– Milkey Way
– Solar System
– Earth
– Mammal
– Homo-Sapien
– 27
– Male
– Student

Current Project:

The question I am asking myself is: Can gamification offer a personalized/individualized system with which to approach life, that structures the complexity and increases engagement and motivation? 

The goal is to present research and offer a place for people to get started on implementing gamification. The website should be concise and quickly prompt the user to get started with a tool that fits their needs.

The Description
The translation of research and experiments into documentation and presentation is the artistic backbone of the project. The research is presented over 4 stylized pages. The home page introduces the visitor to the topic of gamification and leads to the blog. This blog is strongly curated information about gamification, the strategy here is quality over quantity. This strat actually changed a lot from the original plan, which was to produce quantity over quality. As the project idea transformed the purpose of the website changed as well. In conversation with my sensei NicoB, a vision of the website being a game interface developed into a nice thought inducing moment. What I got out of it in short is a website that has the atmosphere of a game, 3D space, animated atmospheric effects, ominous background music and NPSs running around. By no means am I there yet. Buuut I made some cool steps forward. Trying out all kinds of stuff and creating statistics on my life. I basically tried out every content creator direction one could take. Blog, Podcast, Streaming, Video, Web-design. Moving on…. The tools page is the review page. The different items within are displayed as playing cards. This is to make it especially easy to read and uphold the gamified theme. The recourses page is simply a collection links for information on the topic of gamification. This should change in the future creating a similar card review page. Yes I really like the card review page idea. Then finally the last page is for definitions but specifically gaming lingo or gamification related. There is so much potential in gamification! Socially, Personal Educational, Motivational…. … .. .

Check out my documentation
of the project

What gamification I currently have implemented in my life

1 – Notion – Database software that helps me keep track of my behaviors

2 – Co-x3 – Database Template for notion. Enhance gamification abilities

3 – cuckoo.team – Pomodoro Timer

4 – Miro – Mind Mapping 

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The Blog


Initially I was looking to create a project around the concept of teaching people how to learn or learning how to learn. My motivation to create this type of platform, comes from a personal need and passion for personal development. This idea has been growing inside me for around 10 years, at the point of starting this Bachelor project. In my preparation for a project proposal it just happened that gamification would appear in articles and books I read over and over. Initially I did not pay much attention to it until I came accros the book „Gamification Book: Actionable Gamification – Beyond PBLs“ by Yu-Kai Chou. This book gave me the confirmation that this topic would be fit into my life long passion and that gamification is innately something interdisciplinary. 

Unfortunately Covid 19 hits the world. Before this happened I was already dabbling around with web-design and interested in developing this skill. Then, early in the planning, Covid entered the scene and it made my decision quite easy to base my project in the internet. This would have most likely happened anyways.

The planning and brainstorming took place mainly through the documents written for the program as well as on mind maps. Reflecting upon the outcome compared to the planning, there are definitely some misjudgments that occurred. Initially I felt like the production of content would be easier to accomplish in high frequencies, like multiple blogs a week. There were periods of struggle with the form that inhibited my motivation to work on the content of the site. Eventually, in the last months the websites identity crystalized and my workflow also became smoother. Ironically my progress in gamifying my own life helped me most with planning and workflow optimization. Even though it would have been nice to have reached that point a couple of months earlier, I am happy that it was reached by the end of the project. This really validated my initials hope for gamification as a productivity booster.

Notion – is now my main planning tool, but Miro (Mind mapping) will always be part of it as well. 

Big Thanks to Marie as well for coaching me and reminding me of my progress along the way. She helped me keep my head straight. 😀

Running Costs
786 € / Year

Graduation Strategy -> Trying out gamification apps -> Position paper 1 (Failed) -> Position paper 2 (Passed) -> Web design started -> Making my own gamification tool with the help of applications -> Discovering Co-X3 Community -> Purchasing the Toolbox template from Co-x3 (Productivity explosion) -> Filling up the content on the site -> Removing or reassembling 50% of the website for better user experience (Complete blog is moved to kweese.com) -> Improving the tools page with my external coach -> Cleaning up the design -> Preparing for the presentation -> Presenting on Twitch -> Collecting documentation

media sites set up for the project

For this project to be a success, a few skills would need to be improved or acquired. Below you see a basic overview. A more detailed documentation of the skills I worked on can be found in this messy Miro mindmap

– Web-design
– Documentation
– Research
– Presentation

This is just a snippet

Another secret desire I could implement into this project was my little 14 year old dream of being  a youtuber or content creator. As an artist it is my job to explore the different media types out there. During this project there were a lot of opportunities to get acquainted with lots of different approaches to content creation.

– Video
– Audio
– Animation
– Streaming
– Programming

The images below relate to my setup change over the year. The one

Microphone – Elgator Wave 3 + Zoom
Stands – 2 Light Stand + Mic Stand + Camera Stand 
Lights – Neewer lights, Daylight lamp
Greenscreen – Neewer
Headphones – AKG Studio headphones
New PC – GPU MSI 1080, CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3800X,  Ram Corsair 32 GB, Harddrive NVME 2×250 gb

Adobe – Photoshop
Adobe – Audition
Adobe – Indesign
Adobe – Illustrator
Davinci Resolve
Unreal Engine 4

Blog design evolution

My final presentation was held over Twitch on my Klevinup channel, this was actually called dailygamification for a while. It was changed because it did not feel right. 

21 of August
13 people watched the stream live
34 people watched it afterwards
22 of August
14 people watched the stream live
32 people watched it afterwards
23 of August
41 people watched the stream live
55 people watched it afterwards

58% watched the stream on twitch
38% watched the stream on dailygamification.com directly

Well there is a lot to unpackage here. For one, not everything went wrong. In fact looking back at my graduation strategy I actually think, what was accomplished, was in the scope of my planning. That said the amount of content that would be produced was not nearly as much as planned. On the other had the diversity of media used and software skills acquired were much wider than expected.

Things that could have been done better:

  • Communication with coaches when being in an unproductive mood was very difficult, but talking to a coach always got me motivated. Therefor in the future I would like to reverse it and seek out conversation when I am down.
  • Documenting along the way – Every sunday was planned to be dedicated to cleaning up and sorting my documentation. This rarely happened, so even though I collected files they are a big mess. Additionally I wish I would have taken more screen shots of the different versions of the website. 
  • Workflow optimization – This was something the project was supposed to help out with specifically. I can definitely say that my ability to keep my goals and sub-goals in check is now 200% better than it was when I started the project. The gamification tools I found mentioned above 

What went well:

  • Due to major experimentation during the designing process, the website was a mess just a month ago. I managed to create a style and look that is satisfactory to me. 
  • Finding the Co-x3 community was a big win, that will lead to future opportunities and projects.
  • Testing out streaming
  • From my work on this project my understanding of all the little parts necessary to accomplish a project has become better. My ability to plan more accurate has surely improved.

This project was a great success for me, I can see myself continuing my work on the website and expanding my expertise as a gamifier. During the last weeks I connected strongly with the Co-x3 community, who have shown me that there are many passionate people around this topic. Additionally I have been blessed with the opportunity to connect with the creator Conrad Lin. He has been sharing his screen and showing me what else is being worked on, like his app development and new features for the notion template he made about gamification. Initially I plan to keep working in the Co-x3 work space and connect with every one there and see where I can help out with the continued development of features. Conrad mentioned that he is always looking for help, so I will offer my time and skills where I can. 

Thinking long-term it would be nice to develop my skills in data management and application development. These skills will help me deepen my ability to gamify. 
Additionally I would like to further my reach into educational spaces, as this links to my life long goal of improving the education system and adapting it to current knowledge and technology.

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