Blog 4: If it Was Not Tracked it Did Not Happen

1 min read

One thing I noticed about gamification applications is that a lot of existing methods require you to input some kind of data. Take Duo Lingo as an example. This application allows you to gamify your language learning process. To do this it requires you to use the application. Any learning that happens outside of the application can not be tracked by Duo Lingo and therefor does not gamify that part of your practice. It seems gamification is most practical if you have some form of tracking going on. At this point in my research, especially in relation to productivity, it is hard to imagine how gamification could take place without any type of tracking. In my different attempts to track my behavior I tried a mix of physical documentation with pen and paper as well as digital options. Both have their merits, paper and pen don’t run on battery and in many cases is quicker to follow through on, like when I want to track my sleeping time. A sheet of paper next to my bed is super convenient. Phones and other technical devices have the benefit of having applications that track certain metrics automatically. Like a running application which uses your GPS to track your distance, speed, elevation and with gadgets could even track your heart rate and so on. It is up to each of us to find creative ways of measuring our behaviors in relation to a specific goal, so that we can find the best approach to documenting the progress and allowing us to gamify. With the growing market of smart devices, tracking will become easier than ever.

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