Blog 8: The Difficulty of Creating Meaningfull Achievments and Rewards

2 min read

After working you want to be rewarded. Some people speak of the path should be the reward or like enjoy the hustle or enjoy the rid or something like that. Which is true but lets be honest, knowing that there is something at the end of the path will make it easier to even get started and keep going when it gets hard. Gamedesigners often struggle with creating meaningful rewards, this comes from the fact that not everyone is motivated the same way. We can look at games and find people who will do something tedious for hours just to complete all tasks, other times people will stop after minutes if they aren’t rewarded right away. When it comes to gamification, my strategy has been; design the game you wish to play. That mean finding and creating the rewards matching your goals. This has really proven to be quite the challenge for me. As a dopamine addict, I look for destractions every second i get, and unintentionally reward myself throughout the whole day without doing the work. This has really increased the need for me to come up with creative and outlandish rewards, or… i can just stop rewarding myself without doing any work. This turns out to be quite the challenge but it is absolutely worth it. It took me while to train my mind to hold on and push through with a task before watching an episode of my favorite show, or grabbing a bite to eat. And believe me i still struggle with this. But it is soooo worth it. Not only have i gotten more productive.  

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