Artistic Statement 2020.09.08

The idea that knowledge and information are the answer to all of life’s issues is one of my core beliefs. I stand strongly behind this and believe it is our essence as living creatures who are made up of DNA. Information is bundled up inside each one of us giving the ability to survive and prosper. As we progressed through generations, information has been evolved into increasing complexity through the process we call evolution. Organisms evolved somewhat aimlessly until we humans grew a brain so powerful that we developed new unparalleled adaptive learning abilities. Evolution has granted us a new game breaking trick; the accumulation of knowledge passed down through generations with language, the communicational ability to convey  knowledge to others surpassing the generational limit of gathered knowledge. The second breakthrough was through the advancement of technology and tools. Allowing us to accumulate knowledge at an almost exponential pace. We sometimes see our technologies as separate from nature, but I believe that it’s simply evolution leading us to further the increase of complexity.  The advancement of the human species will lead to the merging of technology and what we call natural. I don’t fear technology, I respect its power and believe the advancement of these tools is part of the natural progression of life. We come from simplicity and evolved into complexity.

As far as I can remember, I have always considered myself someone who thinks differently, mainly because this is what I was taught at an early age. Being dyslexic, I was deemed somewhat disabled, but I never saw myself that way. I always believed my strengths merely lay somewhere else. As much as I struggled with reading and writing I never lost my desire to learn and expand my knowledge. I have  always been fascinated by science and technology. My father’s interest in computers put me into the privileged position of growing up with a computer  allowed me to grow up with the internet boom. As an early YouTube enthusiast, I grew increasingly interested in media and the power of the internet. This interest coupled with my distaste for traditional systems has always had me wonder why the world would not adapt the amazing information sharing ability of the internet to education. I am evermore perplexed today that no one has created an amazing internet platform for learning, but as I grow older I am starting to understand the complexity and difficulty behind doing so.

I consider myself less of an artist and more of an entrepreneur that tries to tackle problems in society with the help of technology, and information. While humanity progresses and solves problems, new problems arise, with each generation reaching further complexity and difficulty. Although there is still much we don’t know about the universe we already know a lot as well. We understand gravity and have deduced the building blocks of the universe into atoms and molecules; We have discovered DNA and understand what nutrition our bodies need to survive. In some cases, we technically know how to solve global issues like pollution for example, but can’t do so because it involves everyone working together. Issues that span from the micro into the macro will rely on unprecedented collective action that would require massive global social engineering to take place. Education is the backbone of our society. The improvement and progression of education has become my obligation towards future generations.