Blog 1: My Motivation for Gamification

2 min read

Hello world. I am Kelvin the host of this website. At the time of writing this post I am a 26 year old Homo sapien. This is my first blog post for this site and the beginning of my journey to becoming a website curator. The premise of this website is to prove that game design offers great insight on how we motivate ourselves, stay engaged in topics and work towards goals. In accordance I would like to demonstrate that the act of gamification helps create clarity on who we are and where we want to go, especially by breaking down life into chunks that allow us to see the path of execution more clearly. Eventually the website will show different experiments on gamifying habits, routines, chores, tasks and more. The results should lead to methods, tips, and tools that other people can then adopt for themselves.

As you can maybe already imagine, the goal of this project is born out of a personal need to create clarity in my own life and to find ways of increasing my productivity. I am a self improvement junky. Over the past years I have consistently stuffed my mind with self help books, I try to eat healthy and do sports, but at the same time I am not very good at it (yet). I am as flawed as anybody, my consistency is terrible and I find myself straying away from my goals for months on end. The acceptance of myself and my limitations was hard and still is on many days. But as bad as I am at following my goals, I never forget what they are, this allows me to course correct and return to progressing down my path. In the game of life everyone needs to decide their own win conditions. For this purpose I believe it is inevitable to set goals and sub-goals and mini-sub-goals. This is where I believe gamification can be especially helpful.